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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

February 15, 2016

Here are some of the fun happenings.

Today we went to the beach! That's Brother Weber and his little eskimo wife Sister Webber from the Lawrence Station ward! They are the best. They love to take the missionaries to Santa Cruz.

This is actually where Sister Scarr has spend most of her mission! 17 months to be exact, until she came to me! And she is returning home tomorrow! Hello transfers! On to a new companion-- but the exciting part is, we aren't having transfer meetings anymore, SO the AP's (the assistants to the President) call the ZL's (Zone Leaders) in each zone and the ZL's call us and tell us who our new companions/ areas are. Of course I will finish the mission here in Los Altos, but my new companion will be Sister Hall! I'm not sure where she is from, but I have known her since she came out! She was actually called Samoan speaking!!!! But will be speaking English with me :) Tomorrow I will pick her up and we will begin this new adventure.

Love you all!
Sister Carter

ps I will never go home. EVER.

Monday, February 8, 2016

February 8, 2016

Whitewashing an area your last two transfers with almost 4 different companions every other week has certainly left no room for a trunky Sister Carter. If you don't know what trunky means, google it.

Church this week (yes week) has been a blast. We had Elder Arnold of the 70 join us here in Los Altos. He was fantastic. I so enjoy being the presence of the Lords authorities. Giving my all on the mission can be difficult at times, and so I am impressed, amazed and grateful for all of the worthy men AND women who fully commit themselves to serving the Lord in their callings. There is nothing more noble then truly giving your all to the Lord.

I have seen on the mission that this is our time to prove ourselves. To truly show how much we love God. We are really able to put Him first and give him our time talents and energy in order to build up the kingdom. I am saddened by some who don't take it as seriously. The mission is a wonderful opportunity to show our loyalty to God. 

Between ward and stake conferences my testimony and knowledge of the Restored gospel, Plan of Salvation and the Godhead has increased. I am grateful for personal revelation and the power of prayer. I am grateful for the Holy Ghost and the reality of God and His Son Jesus Christ. 
In my mission call it said "As you devote your time and attention to serving the Lord, leaving behind all other personal affairs, the Lord will bless you with increased knowledge and testimony of the Restoration and of the truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ." This promise is true. I don't think I would have learned these things any other way. I am so grateful I get to serve a mission.

Here is delightful Sue a member in our ward, with Hermana Scarr my companion.
The weather was just too good we had to snap a picture together.

I love you all so much, SO MUCH
you're all in my prayers,
Sister Carter

February 1, 2016

What a fun time to be a missionary. Especially when the Superbowl is right outside your window. Literally. I can see Levi Stadium from my house.......This is going to be an interesting week that's for sure. 

Sister Scarr and I, (oh by the way I got another new companion! ha....long story, i'll tell you all later) have been doing our best to tear it up here in Sunnyvale/ Santa Clara! She is from the beautiful state of Washington. Members will often say which Washington, and we have both just gotten into the habit of saying we are both from Washington; I'm just from the better Washington... KIDDING. :) Sister Scarr only has 3 weeks left on her mission so it's also really fun when members ask us "Where are you from? Where have you served? How long have you been out? What are you doing after your missions?" all in one breath during dinner..... We just both awkwardly look at each other and say over a year.....
We have been teaching a TON. Sister Scarr is also an Hermana so it's fun to practice Spanish.

Here's us walking the streets of the great El Camino Real! 

My studies have been wonderful the past couple of days. I am so grateful for the personal revelation and inspiration we are able to receive from our Father in Heaven, so long as we are open to it. I find it such a blessing to be in constant communication with our Father of our Spirits. He is all knowing and omnipotent and so ever aware of ALL of his children everywhere--we see that and feel that so much as missionary.

I have concluded on my mission that unless we are willing to change in this mortal life, if growth is not a priority in our lives, if we are not on the course of steady improvement, we will miss out on the important experiences God wants to give us. I would even go further to say, we will miss out on becoming what he wants us to become quicker. We need to be on a steady incline of becoming better. And I am not talking about becoming more powerful, or business savvy, I'm talking about developing the qualities of our Savior. Becoming a walking epistle of the Lord. 

Through Jesus Christ, we have the ability and are given the power to become.  

President Spencer W. Kimball said "I have learned where there is a prayerful heart, a hungering after righteousness, a forsaking of sins, and obedience to the commandments of God, the Lord pours out more and more light until there is power to pierce the heavenly veil.....A person of such righteousness has the priceless promise that one day he shall see the Lord's face and know that he is."

And that is what it's all about. To have faith and hope and to live like his Son so that WHEN we see him, we will be like him, we will have developed his attributes (well tried to at least!)

I'd invite you all to read an article titled "The New Testaments Message of Repentance" by Elder Larry Y. Wilson found in the Febuary 2016 Ensign. and to "ponder anew what the Almighty can do".

I love you all, 
Sister Carter