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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

1 October 2014

I made it! I totally made it! I am currently at my mission home (my Mission President's house) with 6 sisters, and a whole lot of Elders! My new companion is Sister Walton who I was at the MTC with. My companion all through the MTC left me on Tuesday morning to start her mission in Santa Cruz California!

Sister Walton and I woke up at 3:15 am to board the bus which drove us to the Salt Lake airport with all of the other San Jose Missionaries. I got to call both my mom and my dad and talk to them super briefly (this will be my last time until Christmas!) I had to purchase a calling card for 5 dollars at the MTC book store and search for a payphone at the airport ha. It was interesting. Who knew payphones still exist. 

President Mella and Sister Mella were waiting for us all as soon as we got off of the plane! It was great. I love them so much already. San Jose is PERFECT. Literally perfect. I am SO excited to serve here!!!!!! As soon as we left the airport, we drove to San Jose College and started contacting (proselyting!) IT WAS AMAZING. I handed out a Book of Mormon, said TWO prayers with some sweet women and just spread the good news :) I met a woman who had just gotten into a car accident and clearly needed the gospel and there is certainly a story there.....I'll be sure to write that out later. 

Dinner is now being prepared by some sweet women from some ward in San Jose.....

I am beyond myself with gratitude for my Savior. This mission has been nothing less than a blessing and more than anything I ever wanted. How grateful I am.

I know my Savior lives and loves me as well as all of you! He knows each of us and our individual struggles, as well as our needs. 

With gratitude and complete love,
Sister Carter

Oh PS at the MTC we got to participate in the Ogden Utah Temple dedication! It was amazing!!!!!
I LOVE you ALL so so much.

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