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Thursday, October 9, 2014

October 9, 2014 Monday P-days, General Conference, Investigators

I have met so many people. It is insane. I am so grateful to be a missionary. I think of the Missionaries that helped us join the Church. Since then, I have a better understanding of this Gospel, what it is all about and of course who my Savior is, who my Heavenly Father is, and what I want my life to end up being.
So, Preparation Days are officially on Mondays so expect my emails every Monday around this time :)

I am in Livermore, California!! About 40 minutes from San Jose or so. This is my first area and I will probably be here for 6 months. 

My companion's name is Sister Gregerson. She is from Atlanta Georgia. She. Is. Tough. She has been out for about a year. There are 4 sisters in my District but we are the only two English speakers, the other two sisters are Spanish speakers. We have a lot of Elders of course! We only drive in my district (YESSSSS NO BIKING!!!!!!) (I probably just jinxed myself) and I am the driver. For whatever reason she doesn't drive so it's all me......Kinda exciting and helps me learn the area better. The car is really nice.
Am currently sitting with my Companion at the Library. We started our laundry and are headed to Target after this. 

We don't knock on doors but rather proselyte by contacting. We go downtown and ask people "do you want a picture of your Savior Jesus Christ?"  Or "Hi! We're the Missionaries.... Have you seen Sisters like us before?" It is so fun. I think since I have a talent for running my mouth, this has been fairly "easy" for me to talk to people. 

The members feed us EVERY night!!!!! Crazy right? Such a blessing, BUT some nights we have two dinner appointments in ONE night!!! hahahahaha. I really am a missionary. It's crazy. A crazy blessing!

Did you get to watch General Conference? It was amazing!! My first Sunday on the Mission and I get Conference! I wasn't really watching it for myself, but rather all of these Less Active Members that we teach. 

[editor's note:  names have been removed, but this is a general summary of the people she and her companion are teaching]
1.  A woman who is not active, divorced, with 4 sons, works at Wal-Mart, and has a VERY tough time.  She has two cats.

2. A man who is not active but has two sons who are very, very in active. He knows what he needs to do to come closer to Christ but doesn't. He knows what is good, what is better and what is best but needs to actually do it!

3. A young single adult who we met street contacting downtown! He had lots of questions, especially about Prophets!! I hope he was sincere because I really liked him! He's clearly a wild teen but this gospel will only add to his life. 

4.  A Hispanic man. He is a "born again" Christian. He lives with his mom? Has like 4 kids. Goes to Church! So cute. I liked him. He has a good heart. 

5.  Another man, a Meth addict. We met him street contacting too. He had a friend on a mission in Paris France. We are teaching him tonight. He needs help. But when we prayed with him, he said he felt a feeling! Totally the Holy Ghost!!!!! I'm excited for him, but this addiction is going to kill him if we can't help him by introducing him to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He has his agency!

6.  A cute family. The parents are both cops :) He's been out to DC. They are older and just got married about a year ago. They have two kids who are like 16 and 18, I believe they are his kids from another marriage. She say's she doesn't like the church too much because of women's roles. We're going to start giving her the lessons.

Anywho, so much more to tell everyone,
Sister Carter

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