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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

November 5, 2014

I heard that sweet Brother Aegerter passed away. I love him SO much. I will miss his smile but await the day to be able to see him again! I am happy to know that he is with his wife!! I bet that was a wonderful reunion. Someone please give his family my regards.

My companion is Gluten AND Sugar free, she's super allergic. That means I'm Gluten and Sugar free OR, that I eat everything she can't. Needless to say, Halloween was good for me....ha

Halloween was SO fun! Sister Gregerson and I decorated our trunk with teeth around the top, and a long lounge coming out. We were of course passing out candy, but also pass along cards with pictures of Christ inviting people to "Feast upon the Words of Christ". 
Candy is sweet but the words of Christ are ohhh so much more sweeter, filling and delicious :) We were in charge of judging the chili cook off. Yes. Me and her. She and I. It was allll up to us. I don't know how it is in other wards but in the California Livermore 4th ward the Chili cook-off was  BIG deal and it was, truthfully, really scary judging the 16 bowls of all very good,  but very different chills. 
We narrowed it down to 5 general winners and left. Actually ran. 
The Holiday ended with making doughnuts at The Paradises. They are a wonderful and strong family. Sister Gregerson and I were left to pass them out to all of the trick-or-treaters and of course, in missionary style we passed out pictures of Christ as well! It was very interesting having people yell at us hours before that it was Satan's birthday and things of that nature to then be passing out doughnuts and pictures of Christ. I liked being able to remind people of what matters most, and truly that all things, even Halloween can be centered on our Savior :)

Sorry this is short. Read my blog ;)

We've got two more baptismal dates for an 11  year old Elaiyah and a 13 year old Elijah!!!! So wonderful!

Miracles ARE occurring. Our Savior lives and loves us.

I love you all,
I feel your prayers,
Sister Carter

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