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Friday, November 7, 2014

November 7, 2014

Happy P-day!  We went to Jamba Juice today so that was a bit of a change.

Halloween was a wonderful time.  Inviting everyone to feast upon the words of Christ was a blast.  Trunk-or-treating was great with the LIvermore wards and participating in both wards in their Haolloween activities was certainly productive.  I think I mentioned this before, but both of the ward that Sister Gregerson and I cover (Livermore 1st and 4th) decided to hold their Halloween parties at the same time.  We invited LOTS of our investigators as well as part member families and many of them showed up.  The 4th ward party was held on a giant field.  There was a cake-walk, a chili cook-off, trunk-or-treating and lots of other fun activities.  The 1st ward all met at the church and had a party.  There was trunk-or-treating in the parking lot. 

(This is a random trunk-or-treat picture to give you the idea)

Sister Gregerson and I knew it would be difficult but decided that we would try to spend 30 minutes at each party goig back and forth.  Of course, it didn't turn out that way.  We got stuck at the 4th ward party the whole time because of the trunk-or-treating and the chili cook off.  Sad part is, is that two of the investigators that we invited to the 1st ward party showed up and we never saw them!  It was very sad.  We felt very bad.

Now let me tell you a bit about these two investigators that we invited. . .

Sister Gregerson and I like contacting.  We are pretty good at it too if I dare to say.  Almost two weeks from this day we were contacting in a neighborhood called Leahy Square.  


We decided we would knock on the door of a girl Najaya who at one point was getting the discussions.  We knocked on her door to be greeted by her mom who just walked away not saying anything.  Najaya then came to the door and quickly realize who we were said she was busy because she had homework.  We quietly told her that we could help and her face lit up!  She ran away and came back with all of her bags and books in hand throwing them in our arms.  We walked over to the benches in her apartment complex and started.

Ever since that day of helping Najaya with her homework we have been teaching her along with seven of herneighborhood friends, two of which we invited to the Halloween party and came.

Turns out Najaya had a baptismal date for February and ended up being dropped because she was not keeping her commitments.  As all of the neighborhood children started to see us there every other day, they too would come out bringing their homework.   Sister Gregerson and I quickly used this as a teaching opportunity and invited the children to call a number on the back of a pass along card that we gave them for a finding faith in Jesus Christ video.

Two of the children in particular Elaijay and Elijah are progressing.  They have been going to church activities and thank goodness for members.

Elaiyah and Elijah don't have too much support at home but are getting lots of love at church.  In their prayers they thank their Heavenly Father for feeling and being accepted at church.

I love these children.  I am so excited about how they are progressing.

Lots of miracles; lots of blessings.

Miracle:  We still get fed every single night

Miracle:  Elijah wants to be baptized before Thanksgiving.

All my love,

Sister Carter

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