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Friday, January 2, 2015

Merry Christmas 2014

Merry Christmas!!!!!!

Well.  Sorry it's late but Merry Christmas!  Our Christmas was full of laughs but also tears.  I got the blessing of being able to skype my family!  Maybe that blessing of being able to skype is more for our families than us?!  All I know is after sobbing from talking to them, I went right back to work!  Right back to the work, whereas maybe some of my family were still distracted from getting to talk to me.  Anywho until Mother's day family!  It certainly was fun!

We woke up to my sweet companion Sister Packard screaming Merry Christmas!!!  We then opened all of our gifts.  Sister Packard and I then went to our first breakfast at the Holt's home.  They are wonderful.  We then went to our ward mission leader's home for our second breakfast.  We had breakfast casserole at both homes by the way.  

Breakfast casserole

After we ate and skyped, we ate dinner with them.  Brother Bailey made us lobster and crab legs!  We then left for our second dinner at the Webb's where the Loyde family was present.  We had a blast!

Just for reference, we are watching "Meet the Mormons" as a zone at the building, so I'm a bit distracted writing this letter. . .

Our ward mission leader who actually just got called has been the source of great blessings.  We are teaching a woman named Vanessa.  Vanessa is currently living in her dad's house.   Vanessa's dad was an extreme hoarder. You know that show "Hoarders"? Yeah.  Picture that.  We have been doing service for Vanessa at least twice a week since I've been here in Livermore.  Because of the extreme hoarding, Vanessa doesn't have a job.  She is left to cleaning the house with her father now in the hospital because he recently just had a heart attack and is now in a coma and can't speak!  She has a lot of bills to pay.

Back to the ward mission leader. . . His family has read the book "The Christmas Jars." and because of that book, his family does a jar every year.  Brother Bailey asked us who from our teaching pool would need this jar.  We said Vanessa.

Vanessa called us the other day completely in awe, shock and amazement that someone left a jar (of money).

She said that she will keep the jar forever in remembrance of how good God is to her.

The Lord is merciful.  He uses us his servants as his hands.  We need to be working and willing to do all that he asks.

This is His work.  We're just blessed to be a part of it.

Love,  Sister Carter

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