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Friday, December 26, 2014

December 15, 2014 Christmas, transfers, miracles

Oh my goodness.  This is easily the craziest mission day ever!  Well, such is mission life, right?!

We were just sitting at the computers (Sister Gregerson and I) when the Hermanas walk up to us and say that they are moving in!  Well, funny thing is, we knew that they were moving in but we thought that it was more towards the beginning of the new year!  Turns out it's today which means that we have to completely clean out their apartment so that they can be sleeping in their new warm beds by tonight.  Not to mention p-day is over at 6:00 AND their old apartment is getting completely shut down.  No more missionaries will be living there.

Also here's the kicker. . . Sister Gregerson is leaving!  My trainer is getting transferred.  Not only am I getting two new roommates but I'm getting a new companion!  Tomorrow morning at (9:00 a.m.-ish I will be driving Sister Gregerson to San Jose and picking up my new companion.  My zone is all the same people minus Sister Gregerson and Elder Lundy one of our zone leaders.

Yesterday night was the 21st Interfaith Activity Day by the Livermore wards where we invited five choirs to come and sing/perform for and with us.  Three other Christian churches came along with a high school choir and us.  It was beautiful.  We all together sang the Hallelujah Song. 


 It was intense!  It was so loud in there.  More people were there than at Stake Conference!  Our Stake Presidency also showed the "He is the Gift" video to everyone.


Sister Gregerson and I typically go to Zumba on Wednesday mornings for exercise.  All of the moms are found there and it's actually pretty hilarious because it's a bunch of moms dancing around with children and babies running around in circles.  Needless to say it is chaotic but fun and a wonderful teaching/finding opportunity.  Sister Gregerson and I typically bring Vanessa with us who we are teaching.  She has a son named Ethan who is so wonderful.

Here's a miracle.  Sister Gregerson and I are never ever low on food and we ALWAYS have dinner.  Since I've been on the mission we have only had to eat at our own apartment once!!  With that said, we for some reason had two nights where members did not sign up to feed us.  We were not worried and figured that we would just call our ward mission leader to feed us or even a member.  Sister Gregerson and I did not have to do so because the Lord blessed us with a miracle.  Sister Gregerson and I answered our phone one night to a lovely experience.  A member called us and asked if we could come to dinner on the very night that we didn't have dinner and to teach a non-member friend!!!  Woo hoo.  Not only did they call for the night that we didn't have dinner BUT it was so that we could teach!!!

Sister and Gregerson and I had the opportunity to teach her on Sunday night and will start teaching her twice a week!!

Not only did that happen once, but it literally happened twice.  We didn't have dinner (for some reason) again and the Lord blessed us with another referral!!  A member called and asked us to teach her friend!  

Merry Christmas to all!


Sister Carter

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