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Saturday, May 16, 2015

11 May 2015 The Inconvenient Messiah


After 22 years, she's getting baptized!  An announcement was made in both Sacrament meeting and Relief Society and it felt like we were at a Giant's game!  Remember that part-member family that Sister Triana and I went to go visit randomly?  Than, a visiting teacher called us to give us a referral and turns out that it was the wife of that non-member family?  Well, we invited her to be baptized on May 16 and she quickly accepted.  It was like she was waiting for us to finally ask her!  

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She was ready to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized.

We have gone over every morning since our invitation/her acceptance and teaching her has been a testimony builder for me of people who are truly prepared to not only hear but to live the gospel.  It also shows me that though some of the people we are teaching now may not be ready to change their lives, maybe in 22 years (hopefully shorter!) they will be!

I am grateful for missionaries past and present who never give up.  We LOVE, absolutely love the people we teach and want them to experience and feel what we experience and feel because of this gospel. 

In the morning study today, I read a talk by Jeffrey R. Holland titled "The Inconvenient Messiah."  

It's a talk that has many themes but one that stands out to me is that the cost of discipleship is a high price but so worth it!  Sometimes we won't get answers when or how we expect or want them, but it's worth it.

He says, "It is not easy to go without---without physical gratifications or spiritual assurances or material possessions, but sometimes we must since there is no guarantee of convenience written into our christian covenant.  We must work hard and do right. . ."

I am grateful for missionaries who have worked hard no matter the result.  Because it's worth it.

I love you all.  The church is true.

Sister Carter

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