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Monday, September 14, 2015

September 14, 2015 Baptisms, Feeling the Spirit, Youth

 Here are more pictures from the temple last week with Ryota who is still on track to be baptized on the 24th!!! Yeeee. We also have a date for our Middle Eastern investigator for October 1st! He came to church again yesterday! wooo hoooo.

It's so stinking fun to see and be with people as they feel the spirit of the Lord in their lives more abundantly. Many of them don't understand why they are starting to do things, (going to church, praying etc.) or in many cases why they stop doing things (using bad language, smoking etc.) but they know it makes them feel good. And it's not a temporary satisfaction, but it's something that makes their spirits shout for joy! It's a beautiful thing to see the light of Christ truly manifested out of Gods children.

Yesterday, Sister Hill and I spoke at the Alum Rock ward, our Family Ward, about Missionary Work. It's always a blessing to speak to wards and congregations. 

We also were asked to be the speakers at the Bishops Youth Fireside, again, talking about missionary work, and helping the youth become comfortable sharing the gospel.
Majority of the youth in this stake are less active. It's sad to see so little youth in he wards here but Sister Hill and I are determined to see that change. 

I am a true advocate of helping the youth and want them all to be with us on Sundays! As well as for mutual actives and other inspired actives the leaders put on. I have a serious testimony of the youth programs in the church. I also have a serious testimony of inspired leaders and members who truly do lift, encourage bless and strengthen the youth. I was helps tremendously throughout my time in the Arlington Ward and I am TRULY grateful for all who supported and loved me.

We are also doing our best to work with part member families in the Alum Rock Ward. There are 90 part member families. That’s a lot......

Last night we got to watch the CES fireside with Ryota! It was a blast to have many of the branch members with us, all crowded around the TV. It's so fun to see Ryota with us. He is truly going to be a beacon at BYU!

I love you all!
Sister Carter

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