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Monday, September 7, 2015

7 September 2015

Today is P day! But we were blessed with an opportunity to go to the temple this morning with none other thannnnn our new investigator Ryota who is going to be baptized on the 24th of this month!!!! 
Remember that guy that walked into the institute to get an endorsement for BYU? Well this is him, and he. is.WONDERFUL. God is preparing His children to hear the truth and we are blessed to help this one. Ryota is precious and he is destined to do great things. He practically teaches US  the lessons! It's so interesting to see how much the Lord prepares us, so long as we listen. 

We watched the Restoration movie at the visitors center and walked around the beautiful grounds. 
What a wonderful way to spend Labor day! 

Ryota heard about BYU and the engineering program so he decided to do some research on the university. He is from Japan and was raised with a Buddhist background but his family is "flexible" (in his own words). He has 3 sisters and parents all in Japan and he is just a solid investigator who now understands his purpose here on this earth more now because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

What a miracle! In his own words, after we asked him why it's important to repent, he said it's the way we show our gratitude to our Savior Jesus Christ! He also said he KNOWS Jesus Christ set the perfect example and that Heavenly Father must love us, because he sent the perfect model, his son, to help us. He has felt the Holy Ghost and is grateful to receive the gift so that he can be with him forever! 

I am SO excited to see where Ryota ends up in these next couple of years. He is already and will continue to do great things! Especially with the Savior on His side. 

The Church is True!
-Sister Carter

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