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Friday, March 13, 2015

8 March 2015

Happy Preparation day!

I'm currently on city bus number 17, full of missionaries on the way to Santa Cruz.  It is $5 round trip.  It's overcast so we are praying for the sun to come out.  Granted it is only 9 a.m.  :)  I'm sure it will get better!

Wow.  What an amazing transfer.  Ebony and Savannah are our two baptismal dates for March 21st!  They are 8 and 11 years old and their mom is a returning member.  We have been coordinating members at all of their lessons (we meet with them twice a week) so that after they are baptized they will continue to be fellowshipped.  :)

Speaking of fellowshipping we will be setting a baptismal date with our new investigator.

We met him on Stanford campus contacting!  About three weeks ago we were invited to be the Friday form guest speakers for the LDS Students on Stanford campus.  The LDS students on campus have a group called the LDSSA Latter-day Saint student association.  :)  Anywho, after we taught those wonderful Stanford students, we decided to contact.  A guy got our attention.  We invited him to meet with us again and he agreed!  We got his information and came back.  Three days later, prayerfully we decided to teach him L3 The Gospel of Jesus Christ 1st even though we typically teach L1 The Restoration to our new investigators.  When he came, we asked him about his belief in God and much of his background to get to know him.  We came to find out that he did not have much of a belief in God, was from Hawaii, one of the 32 transfer students that actually got into Stanford and was willing to learn.  We also found out that he did not feel the need to give credit to God because that would discredit him.  He literally believed and thought that that everything good or of worth in his life was because of his own doing.  Again he did not want to give the credit to God because that would discredit himself.

As we left the appointment, we were excited about our next return appointment but scared/nervous about what to teach him and how to help him see how much God does love him and that is why so many wonderful things happen to him!

A couple of meetings later as well as an invitation to come to the LDSSA institute meeting we fast forward to Friday.

We met with him on campus at our usual spot but invited a wonderful girl the LDSSA president to join our lesson.  As we taught the Restoration (L1), the spirit could not be denied and it was because of that wonderful member!  She invited the spirit with her testimony and love of God.  Because of that experience, he decided to give the closing prayer in which he thanked God for what he learned from the Holy Ghost!!! and miracle!!! He recognized the spirit and thanked God for it.  We were so happy.  He then asked for a ride to church on Sunday and he came yesterday!!

We are so happy!

We will be meeting with him again and setting a baptismal date.

The Church is true!

Sister Carter

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