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Monday, August 31, 2015

31 August 2015 Lemonade and BYU

What a wonderful time to be a missionary!

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We  have seen so much success here in San Jose at the Institute namely with the Lemonade Stand that we just had the other day! We decided we needed a new way to find people to teach, so we set up shop in front of the Institute handing out lemonade and a Book of Mormon!! Yeee success!!
We also invited EVERYONE this week to be baptized and surprise surprise! September 24th and October 1st are the days!! Two of our investigators accepted and will be baptized on that day!
One is actually from the middle east and because of church rules and regulations/ agreements IF we are able to baptize him, pictures are not allowed to be taken at the service and there should pretty much  be no evidence of that person being baptized because it could put their life in danger. So you will never hear me mention his name outside of the mission.
It is interesting to see so many of the Lord's children prepared to hear this gospel. There are so many people who truly are wanderers in a strange land and though they may have grown up one way (Muslim for instance) many of them did not choose that walk of life and to be quite honest many don't even agree with the religion. They find themselves searching for the truth, and  because God loves all of His children, he helps those honest truth seekers! Sister Hill and I have been led to 4 people of the Muslim faith. And because of that, we have been able to share with them, what we know, and what we hold to be true! What a blessing to see them light-up with this new pure knowledge of God and Jesus Christ.
The second investigator that we have being baptized on September 24th LITERALLY walked into the institute! It was Wednesday and the brand new missionaries JUST stepped off the plane and came to the institute to get some food, understand what was going on and to then go contacting with US around San Jose State for their first day! (All of the new missionaries do this!--I did too!)
After we went contacting with them, we returned to find out that a boy walked in to the institute who was wondering how he could get an endorsement to go to BYU because he was a non member. He heard that BYU had a wonderful engineering program and then decided to do some research on the University. He was given a Book of Mormon right before he left the institute and was invited to read it. An appointment was scheduled for the next day for us to meet him and help him out

The following day, we waited at the institute all day for him-- ALL DAY........for this mysterious boy who wanted to go to BYU and he NEVER showed.....
The next day, we were back at the institute weekly planning and the doorbell rang. We didn't answer it because unfortunately, there are a lot of creeps in San Jose and we didn't want to have to face any more homeless people. After hearing the doorbell for a good 3 minutes, I finally went downstairs to see, a bright eyed young boy. It was HIM. The light shown from his eyes.

After we greeted each other, we walked upstairs, he whipped out his Book o Mormon and we immediately got down to business and taught him Lesson 1 which is about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We talked about ways that God blesses us, Families, Prophets, about how we went through a stage of Apostasy, when the truth was not on the earth because people choose not to listen. We talked about the Restoration of the Lords church on the earth through the Prophet Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. After we taught him, he flat out said at the he knew it was all true. he believed that Joseph Smith Translated the Book of Mormon into English. He believed in the Apostasy. And he could feel the spirit of the message telling him it was true! We asked him if he wanted to be baptized and he graciously said YES!

Both of these two people came to church yesterday in Washington Square but so did, TWO other investigators in our Family Ward Alum Rock!!!

I am looking forward to many more baptisms!
I LOVE you all,
The church is true!
I can feel your prayers and support,
Thank you SO much,
Sister Carter

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