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Monday, November 23, 2015

November 23, 2015

but first, here are some throw backs from the tailgate because it was just THAT good. 
With our Hermanas again in front of the Giants stadium!

Sorry Cosmo! You can't hug missionaries! 
Sister Riggs went on her first exchange last week with the Sister Training Leaders......Too bad we live WITH  the Sister Training Leaders so she actually got ripped off. Let me explain.

Typically for an exchange, you go to the area of the STL's and sleep over their house; you experience the work with a new companion for 24 hours. You proselyte etc the whole day in their area. 

The only problem is that though the STL's work in a completely different area, they live in our area with us! So I actually was with Sister Riggs for majority of the day, but we weren't companions. It was weird. I felt like a mom sending her child away for college!! I literally was thinking to myself, okay, she needs this, it's going to help her grow and learn. This isn't about you Sister Carter! You can't keep her to yourself!! I just love her so much I didn't want anything bad to happen! Not that anything could.....ha. I was dreading exchanges. 

Well, as you can see in this picture, I think she was also a little confused throughout the whole day too hahah.

We helped out with some habitat for humanity stuff, painting houses! 

Yes our Recent Convert Yesi, loves to take selfies so naturally, we all join. Maybe you will see a pattern. I apparently have forgotten how to smile on the mission. I either just do the duck face or just open my mouth really loud haha. 
Above: Me and Sister Riggs with Eddie, Ismael, Deano who plays for SJSU and is our branch mission leader and Yesi!

Right before the Wed Right institute dinner. Recognize Sister Uelse? We were companions for a transfer in Menlo Park!! LOVE HER

Friday night Sister Riggs planned a Karaoke Night for the branch and these missionaries came to help us decorate. LOVE THEM. Oh and majority of them are poly. Can you tell I miss my polys!

Because Sister Riggs and I have a WHOLE lot of faith we were able to see some mighty miracles this week.

I am unable to go into full detail because of the depth and magnitude of the events, nor do I say these things, light mindedness or pride-- but I say them to rejoice in a God who is truly good and certainly mindful of his children. I pray that as I do my best to recap this week, you will feel the joy that is radiating out of me and I pray that the Holy Ghost will touch your heart to help you know how special this work truly is!

As missionaries our purpose is to find teach and baptize. We do this because people NEED TO KNOW, that though a modern Prophet, God has restored knowledge about the plan of Salvation, which is centered on Jesus Christs Atonement and can be fulfilled BY LIVING the first principles and ordinances of the Gospel which are-

Faith in Jesus Christ, Repentance (living with an increased commitment to following Gods will) Baptism by one who holds the proper authority of God (the Priesthood) and by Receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost, again by the laying on of hands by one who holds the authority.

Sister Riggs and I had 2, TWO, of our processing investigators drop us. Randomly, drop us. We were heart broken, and for me, something like this has actually never happened in my whole 14 months so I in all honesty was a bit astonished and almost fed up.

I have been reading in the Book of Mormon about the THOUSANDS who are ready and able to come unto repentance, who are ready to be baptized, and for some reason here and san jose, we were unable to find them. I HAVE faith, and I know they are there, so why can't we see them.

Despite the confusion, we KNEW and still KNOW that they are out their and ready. So without a doubt, we continued as always to pray to find those who will receive us, but because faith without works is dead, we bumped up our diligence a bit more and what resulted was a testimony builder for sure! 

We were searching everywhere and talking with everyone. We had members out with us everyday to be apart of the work- one of which allowed us to teach her friend during a dinner appointment. We asked her if she wanted to come to the outgoing fireside with us on Sunday night (thats when Missionaries who are departing after serving for 18-24 share their testimonies for the last time) and she agreed to come. She has felt the spirit and we are excited to see her grow in the gospel.

 We even went though our phone to contact some of the names of people that we didn't recognize and during a coorlation meeting, we contacted a girl and asked if she wanted to meet up with us, like we do with the other thousands of people who we talk to. What felt like 2 seconds later she responded to our text with "for a bible study?" to which we said YES! 2 short hours later, she was at the institute to meet us. We learned that she had previously been taught but was just a little scared to get baptized. 
The following day she came with us to an activitty and many of the members in the branch remembered her! It was comforting to see how though time people can change and are ready. We just need to make sure we are ready to find them when that time is right. 

"Yea, he that repenteth and exerciseth faith, and bright forth good works, and prayeth continually without ceasing- unto such it is given to know the mystery of God; yea, unto such it shall be given to reveal things with never have been revealed; yea, and it shall be given unto such to bring thousands of souls unto repentance...."  

I know they are out there. The souls that are truly ready to be harvested. 

I LOVE this work. Can you tell?

-Sister Carter

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