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Saturday, April 25, 2015

April 25, 2015 Websites and Church Purpose

Happy Preparation Day!

Hello or should I say happy miracle week!  So many tender mercies.  I love the Lord and am SO grateful to be a part of this work.

On Saturday, we got to participate in SVEW which is Silicon Valley Education Week. It took place at the Computer History museum in Mountain View.  We were invited just in case some members decided to bring non-member friends!  We had a booth and everything.  This event was actually just for all of the mid-singles in the Bay area.  So you know how we cover 4 wards, two family wards: Palo Alto I and II, but we also cover 2 YSA's (Young Single Adult Wards): Standford I and Stanford II for the mid-singles 41+ years old. . . Anywho, it was for that mid-singles group that Steve Young from our PAI ward spoke as well as Clayton Christiansen!

Yesterday in Ward Council, I learned something pretty cool.  As we were discussing the needs of our ward members etc and our WONDERFUL bishop mentioned the 4 pillars of faith.  We also met the previous president of the Washington D.C. South Mission.  He was there.  A lot of my friends from BYU-I served in the D.C. mission.  So, it was pretty great to meet him.  Plus, that's where I'm from!

1.  Perfecting the Saints.
2.  Hastening the work of Salvation
3.  Redeeming the Dead
4. Serving our fellow men

Well, from this he said that the Church has developed websites that correspond to these purposes.

1.  LDS.org (for perfecting the Saints)

Image result for lds.org

 2.  Mormon.org (for sharing the gospel with others)

Image result for mormon.org

3.  Familysearch.org (for redeeming the dead)

 Image result for familysearch.org

4.  HelpingHands.org which is now called Justserve.org (for serving our neighbors)
Image result for justserve.org

Now to my point.  How cool is that?  1.  That the pillars and websites coordinate but also 2.  How cool is it to know that I am a part of the pilot program for Justserve.org in the San Jose mission?  Oh, and don't forget that this is in the Silicon Valley.  Tech people are everywhere so the church has been reaching out to people here to help with this JustServe website!!!  Pretty cool, at least to me!`

I love this work!  The church is true.

Sister Carter

P.S. Mitt Romney is coming to Standford on Tuesday.  We plan on finding him.

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