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Saturday, June 20, 2015

June 15, 2015 Palo Alto will experience an Arlington Style 4th of July: Pancake Breakfast!

Happy P.day!

Having ipads is weird.

The fourth of July is pretty soon and I look forward to the festivities.

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Yesterday in ward council, we had a huge brainstorming session.  What should we do as a ward for the fourth of July?  Should we even do anything?  Well, of course!!!, I piped up.  Not only am I a proud American, but I am a proud Northern Virginian!  And in Arlington, we take the fourth of July pretty seriously--especially in my Arlington ward growing up.

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I vividly remember the Fourth of July breakfast!!!  I quickly shared my testimony of a pancake breakfast and everyone was on board.  We are going it early in the morning and the whole community is invited.

Although I will miss D.C. on this beloved day that we celebrate our freedom, Palo Alto is going to be the place this year!! I am so excited!!

Yesterday, Sister Triana gave a talk at our Stanford 1st ward.  It was Emily's farewell.  Emily is an older girl in our ward who decided to go on a mission despite it not being in her original plans.  My heart rejoiced listening to this amazing girl give a talk about having a change of heart and following the Lord's will despite our own "wants" or "desires."  She graduated from BYU two years ago and moved to Palo Alto to start an amazing career in Finance.

She is financially successful and stable but the past year or so described having some unsettling feelings.  She did not feel like she was progressing.  Should she switch jobs?  Apartments?  States? or even Country?  Should she start dating more?  One day, she went to go watch "Meet the Mormons" with friends when then she knew:  She needed to serve a mission.  But give everything up?!  It was difficult for her to say the least but she's doing it.

If you can't tell my heart just burst for this amazing girl.  It is obvious why she was so successful financially.  She is working to do whatever it takes.  That is clear with her spirituality as well.  But that is not the only thing.  There are hundreds of "older girls" and more people in general who are doing their best to follow the Lord's will.

I am so proud of them.  I commend them.  And I am cheering for them.

Following the Lord is not a casual practice.  It is a continual commitment; a way of life.

Love,  Sister Carter

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