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Saturday, June 20, 2015

June 8, 2015

 Sister Triana and I made it through the hunger games and will be together for 6 more weeks in Palo Alto!!!!!!!!!! (We did not get transferred).

My heart breaks at finding out that our beloved Apostle L. Tom Perry pass away! Of course as missionaries we don't watch T.V. or listen to the radio but some of the missionaries found out and it trickled down the line and a mass text went out. ****I wrote this part of the email last Monday but it never got sent out***

Speaking of technology, we got iPads. Yeah. iPads...I'm not too sure how I feel about this but the overall use of the ipads is to not just participate in Hasting of the Work--yes, we will be on Facebook proselyting, our area books will be on the ipads as well as our planners etc but the ultimate purpose of these ipads, is to make US better disciples. We cannot be one person, talk one way, act, or even dress one way, then suddenly take on this fake persona over the internet. We should be disciples of Jesus Christ always. We need to represent him always.

With the age change 2 years ago, crazy 18  year olds are leaving the comfort of their homes to change other peoples lives. It is expected that through this drastic lifestyle change, they change as too but allllll too often, this change lasts for a couple months after the mission and then some (not all) are back to doing the same crazy things they did before the mission.

These wonderful 18 year olds (mee too as an old 23 year old) are learning how to be representatives of Jesus Christ on the mission and these habits that we learn on how to use technology appropriately will stay with us after the mission and we will teach others- we will help others be obedient righteous disciples, our friends, our families, and then they will teach others!

This ipad isn't just an ipad, it's making us better people. There is so much being thrown at us in the world. So much deceit, so much negativity, so much sin, and a lot of it starts with the internet, and media. So this is where is stops. This is where it ends. Missionaries all over the world will have these ipads and help teach the rest of the world.

I read many emails a day from about 10 other missionaries and am impressed with their passion, their vigor, their obedience their love for the gospel and the Lord and it makes ME want to do better. I am grateful for their testimony's and examples. 

Sister Triana and I got to go to the temple on Saturday with Sister Morano to be with her  for her first time inside of the Oakland temple!! She received her endowment!! 

The Church is TRUE.
Love you all,
Sister Carter

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