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Monday, January 4, 2016

1 December 2015 A Savior is Born

Posted: 30 Nov 2015 02:48 PM PST
Has anyone seen the new initiative? "A Savior is Born". What a super cool thing the church has been doing! It gets us all excited about the Season but  more importantly, all these videos: "Because He Lives", "He is the Gift", "Because of Him" and now "A Savior is Born" are all clearly focused on our Savior. I love Him. Christmastime is fun--always, but being a missionary during this season is oh so EXTRA special. The chance that we have to teach people about Him, His birth and life is magical.

Check it out here if you haven't seen it---
What would the world be like if the Savior wasn't born? Pretty terrible. Even just last night we were able to visit with one of our returning young single adults, who bore a sincere testimony of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. The Atonement is the event that enables us to be reconciled to God. 

Jesus Christ not only suffered on the cross but he also suffered in the garden of Gethsemane. Because of this, wrongs can be made right. Forgiveness is always possible and we can live every single day with an increased commitment to doing the will of the Father. It is because  of Jesus Christ that we can be forgiven of our sins. Last night while we were vising with this amazing young girl, even though she wasn't able to fully explain the atonement (nor can I!!) she was able to share her perfect knowledge of a Savior and that because He lives, it allows us to do and become our greatest potential. We can always change and improve!

I love the Lord,
Sister Carter

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