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Monday, January 4, 2016

December 28, 2015 Transfers

it's about that time again! TRANSFERS!

Since Sister Riggs is easily thee most obedient, disciplined, God fearing missionary in the SJCM I'm getting kicked to the curb. I love this girl so much but she is moving on to do bigger and better things! I am SO excited for her and the missionary she is and has become! It's a beautiful thing to watch someone transform as they consecrate themselves to the Lord. I hope I can be half of what Sister Riggs is. I am going to miss her so much. I am grateful that I get to be called her trainer.

I will be transferred on Tuesday, and my time here in San Jose has come to an end......

I will however be training. AGAIN! Although no one is as good as she,(Sister Riggs that is) I am so SO SO grateful for the opportunity to be able to end my mission with a brand new missionary!

I pray that her diligence, fire and love for this work, will only increase as she embarks on this journey in a labor of love. I pray for miracles. I pray for strength. I pray for angels to truly be round about us leading us to those of Gods children who are prepared to here this message of truth. 

Sister Riggs and I have a scheduled baptism for our investigator Brian on the 16th of January!! It will be a blast to see her take the lead in the area with her new companion. I hope I will be able to come back to San Jose to see Brian enter the waters. 

​ Christmas was true bliss. We got to go caroling to some old folks homes :) Here's one of my favorites. She was singing up a storm with us! 

We even did some gingerbread house making. Well, kinda.

Just a few of my favorite missionaries.....
​Here's to my last two transfers. Let's do this!!

Sweet is the work, 
Sister Carter

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