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Monday, January 11, 2016

January 11, 2016 New Companion

Wow! What a week!

Well, for starters, I've got a new companion. SISTER PENA, from Kearns UTAH!!! She was born in Ecuador and was called the CSJM SPANISH SPEAKING!!! But will be with me serving in both of our English family wards; Lawrence Station and Sunnyvale! No more YSAs for meeeee haha.

Sister Pena is amazing and attended BYU-Idaho for about 2 semesters. We have some mutual friends. We spoke before the mission and got in contact before we both came out. I came out just one transfer before her, so we are in the same boat of wanting to work hard these last couple of months! We never thought we'd be companions but what a blessing!

I am SO sad that Sister Brown went home, but it is sometimes better that way for some of us. 

This week was obviously crazy with the series of events but we are doing it! Sister Pena and I got to take our investigator Bill to the Peninsula 4th branch baptism. Remember when I served in the Penn 4th branch? or otherwise known as the Poly ward? Well, our family ward shares the same building with them! So I get to see all of my old favorites from the beginning of my mission. Man, what a tender mercy. 

Many many MANY mighty miracles ahead. 

Sweet is the work, 
Sister Carter

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