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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

January 19, 2016 Los Altos

Here are some fun pictures of the happenings!

My new zone here in Los Altos!!!

WE GOT TO MEET ELDER SITATI! He came to do a mission tour today!
Sister Pena and I even got to sit right next to him for lunch! We had a nice one on one with him :)


​Kevin my investigator from my first area LIVERMORE got baptized!!!! And there is my good old trainer Sister Gregerson.

Here is another picture with Elder Sitati.

I am convinced that the overall difference between the Lords' anointed and called servants and the "rest of us" is what I have dubbed the "Go and Do" ability---otherwise known as OBEDIENCE. Obedience is indeed the first law of Heaven. "And when we obtain any blessing from God, it is BY obedience to the law upon which it is predicated." 

We don't do things that we are asked, just because we want the blessing, we do it because we love the Lord; and that is clear and very apparent with these general authorities. They Go and Do, regardless if they are asked to or not. They keep all the commandments all of the time, they are praying to know the will of the Lord in all things and then doing it to the best of their ability 100 percent of the time, because they love God and put him first. 

I want to be like that.

When Elder Sitati came he spoke much of being obedient to mission rules. He said that we all need to rise above rationalizations and excuses and just Go and Do. Just as Nephi did in the scriptures. I know that regardless if you are a missionary or not, subject to a 6:30 am morning schedule etc, we ALL need to Go and Do, and willingly be obedient to ALL of Gods commandments, because we love him. 

Here's an #awkward bathroom selfie. Are selfies still popular in the world? #ilovemycompanion 

Love you all!
Sister Carter

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